"I Saw You" Coloring Your Hair With A Sharpie.

Who Saw? Who Was Seen? Was It You?

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My Ganga Princess

The Cheba Hut delivery driver-to-be, I saw you there, sitting across from me on your porch, coloring your hair with Sharpie. I was perplexed, then further. See, you had my heart once I stole your kiss. Now, a year later, I know I have so little to offer you from here but a promise to be your best lover, your last lover …

AngelNikoll, might you marry me?

Halloween at Hastings in R.R.

Halloween night my buddy and I went to rent some flicks, you were standing in line ahead of us.

Me: I had my head painted like a shaman / skeleton, you had curly / wavy hair and wore a black shirt.

You smiled at me, I smiled at you … you have a beautiful smile.

Would be delighted find out who you are.

Blue / Green Scarf at Bricklight Satellite

You: Curled up with a book on the red love seat in the middle of the cafe, short, brunette hair, eyes as bright as your smile.

Me: Brown, wavy hair, working on my laptop on the couch, looking up occasionally, working up the courage to come over and ask you about your book, but settling for an exchange of smiles.

If you remember me, respond with what color my sweatshirt was so I know it’s you.

Cottonwood Costco, Sat. Afternoon (11/03)

We exchanged smiles at the end of the aisle between the coffee / tea and the first row of refrigerated cases. You were holding a box of Kirkland Japanese macha green tea, and wearing tight black leggings and a loose brownish top. Me: tall, slender, and older than you. But I like green tea too! Hope to see your lovely smile again some time.
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