"I Saw You" Do A Double-Take As I Shot You A Glance

Who Saw? Who Was Seen? Was It You?

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Hot Dad at Target

You: Hot, sexy guy in Target (Montgomery/Wyoming) walking with your two kids. Me: exotic looking yoga chick with a white beanie. I saw you do a double-take as I shot you a glance. I got the vibe that you were single/divorced. If so I’d like to hit your target. How about meeting up for a drink?

Cordova Replacement

While talking about epic chess matches at UNM HSC waiting room,you were recalling the Cordova versus Cubas match at the 37th Chess Olympiad … your daughter proved to be more than a handful, interrupting your story and then you were called in. If you see this, click and please finish telling me what prompted the move. I’m hanging in suspense.

I really do like cats, but not as much as I adore you

We’ve been next door neighbors for six months now. I know the only time I talk to you is to make some crack about your cat. When I said "I’d like to pet your cat really hard with a hammer," I didn’t really mean it. I was drunk, I think. And when I said "I’d like to put roller skates on your cat and lock it in a room with German Shepherds" … what was I thinking? You’re gorgeous and humor is my only way to express myself. I promise I’ll love your cat as much as I would love you. What do you say?

Portnoy’s Complaint

Oy, you meshuggeh shikseh! What is it about Albuquerque that there are not enough deranged kinky women but too many psychotic ones? You pass yourself off as a man who fantasizes about taking a hammer to a pussycat or locking him in a room full of German Shepherds & wonder why you sleep alone! Your type of woman is sure to be a fan of the infamous "Lose Inches In Just Seconds Diet" inventor, Lorena Bobbit!
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