"I Saw You" Driving A Beautiful Green Chevy Nova

Who Saw? Who Was Seen? Was It You?

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The man of my dreams, literally.

Where: Anodyne downtown. When: Last Saturday 11/12. You: Hottie with a body, sailor hat, super soft shirt, pretty famous. We took a picture together and make quite a cute pair 🙂 Let’s be friends.

Si, Va.

You: Gorgeous woman driving beautiful green Chevy Nova down University Blvd, Saturday 11/19, early afternoon. Us: Four charming twenty-somethings cruisin’. We couldn’t help but notice how crazy hot you are. Cheers! BTW: Even hotter with the aviators.

4 years ago tonight

my head drunkenly hit the pavement. you were the back up called in to save me from myself.

did you ever think it would go so far from where it came?

i SAW you.

you didn’t have to run into me to prove it.

i knew you were there from the minute you walked in the room.

tonight i won’t need saving because there are arms to hold me.

good luck when your head hits the floor.

Sweet Tea

Don’t know if you remember me or not, but I was the guy across from you at your friend’s hot tub party a few weeks ago. I think we connected when you were talking about Thoreau being a homeless mooch and I refused to let my buddy sleep on my couch. Anyway, maybe it’s far fetched but I hope we can hook up sometime. I usually do laundry next to the Denny’s across from campus on Sunday. Miss U!
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