"I Saw You" In A Dress With Black High Heel Stilletos

Who Saw? Who Was Seen? Was It You?

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Longer Than Usual Glance—Wed May 30

You: Man with almost shoulder-length blond hair walking diagonally across the intersection of Silver and Vassar in the afternoon. Me: Woman with short brown hair and glasses in passenger seat of red car. Was transfixed by your stare and thought placing this ad was worth a shot.

You belong on TV

I saw you waddle into your chair at the theater tonight. Four gallon Super Tanker Coke in one hand, the other occupied with a hefty feedbag of popcorn. Extending your tongue full length, you snagged piece after piece of popcorn without using your hands. The last time I saw a tongue like that was on the Discovery Channel and it was cleaning out a termite mound. Please don’t sit in front of me again.

Swabbie 6-foot Amazon Floater @ Steve Schiff Station

Hi. You, gorgeous 6-foot Navy vet floating for our regular carrier. I told you you delivered earlier than our regular carrier and were better looking. You blushed, laughed and thanked me. So nice to see a woman the way Neteru/Mother Nature intended her to be: Straight out of a Titian painting. In a world of broomsticks with pretty but angry faces you’re a standout. I’m old enough to be your daddy, but I like you. If you’d like to share a meal/drinks with a fellow vet, come on aboard.

Hispanic dark hair eating bfast at Mac’s on Central Sun 5/27

Dark-haired Hispanic girl wearing a dress with black high heel stilletos, you had your sunglasses on top of your head. You were eating breakfast at Macs on Central. I think you were waiting for a guy to join you. I took one look at you and was enamored with your beauty. I think you were about 5’3" and oh so pretty. I would like to meet you for coffee. I was the tall Hispanic male with dark hair. I tried to look at you as I left the restaurant.
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