"I Saw You" In A Light Yellow Mercedes

Who Saw? Who Was Seen? Was It You?

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Nice-looking Native American Woman by Sunglass Hut

12/7/12 at Cottonwood Mall. I saw you walk by a couple of times. I was the tall male with dark hair wearing a cap. You were a nice-looking Native American woman that smiled when I saw you. I tried to find you after leaving the store, but did not see you again. Would like to meet you and talk, perhaps at the mall.

La Montanita Co-op North Valley

We nearly bumped into each other near the bread shelves and you said “hi” instead of “excuse me.” I said hi back. Our eyes got stuck just long enough to tell me you might be interested. When I checked out, we met eyes once more, and you gave me a little nod. Maybe we’ll meet again randomly, maybe not. But you can make it happen right now if you want to.

Gibson Street Stare

You: dark hair, nose ring, older, in a light yellow Mercedes. Me: blond with two children with me in a station wagon. We couldn’t stop looking at each other as we drove east on Gibson. I want to find out why. You do too. Contact me.
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