"I Saw You" In The Unm Hospital Lobby—Or Was It Hobby Lobby?

Who Saw? Who Was Seen? Was It You?

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Catherine the Great

I saw you two different times while waiting in line at the coffee shop in the UNM Hospital Lobby. Both times we spoke to one another. The second time I introduced myself (Mark), and you told me your name was Catherine, as in Catherine the Great (with a C). You mentioned you worked in the ER. I’ve been back to the coffee shop multiple times now, always hoping to see you again, but so far no luck. I’m kicking myself that I didn’t ask for a way to contact you.

Gentle Man

To the dark haired man with glitter in his hair at Hobby Lobby, you were spooked and fled. Suddenly there were too many people right there, all around you. All guys, except me. I felt awful for your panic and would have gone after you but that would have probably made things worse. Just wanted to say I was so very sorry you were spooked. I hope you are OK. Be well and I wish you Peace.

I saw you, revolutionary music teacher now living in Oakland

You: brown hair, green jacket, pro-Palestine shirt, and black sunglasses, oh and I can’t forget the brown shoulder bag. Me: IWW shirt and nothing cool on except for maybe a red star shining from my black heart. You: awesome organizer and funny and beautiful in so many ways! Oh, and your guitar skills are siiiick! Me: just a white kid with mad dishwashing skills with nothing to do now that I quit smoking and I heard you quit drinking, but I’d be down for kicking it soon! We should meet.

Pizza in Chicago

Shared a pizza in Chicago and then you went to see the town and I went back to work. Would like to see you again and talk more and share another pizza if you dare?

You: Red hair, grey beanie, Uproar shirt, lip ring

You were with your mom? Aunt? I wanted to get your number. You were gorgeous.I told you the band you liked were my friends. If you would like to hang out sometime, I would love it.
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