"I Saw You" In Your Porsche Carrera S

Who Saw? Who Was Seen? Was It You?

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Porsche Carrera S

You: in a 400(?) hp Porsche Carrera S at the left turn lane near Tramway and Menaul.

Me: in the 300 hp Miata behind you. Would you like to try again and see if the Porsche can do better?

Albertson’s on Southern in Rio Rancho

Tuesday Nov 26th, 8pm, we saw each other in the ice cream dept and then you stood in line behind me; you have dark hair, about 5’2" with a cross hanging around your neck. I’m still angry for not striking up a conversation. Give me a second chance!

You haunt me

You enjoy the food. You always look amazing. You know who I am. Just give me your number already. I think about you constantly. Every time I hear the door open I hope its you. Hope to see you soon…
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