"I Saw You" In Your See-Through Tube Top, Needing Directions, Driving A Rusty Blue Ford

Who Saw? Who Was Seen? Was It You?

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Blonde, told you that your shirt was see through, your friend liked my bike

You and your friend were walking. Your friend complimented my bike. You were absolutely gorgeous in your black tube top and I had to tell you that it was see-through in case you weren’t aware. I didn’t mind, obviously. If I wasn’t on break I would have asked for your number. I would love to go out with you sometime or maybe coffee, if you’re single ; )

Flying Star on Central Employee

You were working behind the cash register. The most beautiful man I’ve ever seen with dark hair and gorgeous light eyes. You noticed me too, I could tell. I was with my father wearing a fedora, short jean shorts and a black shirt. You told me where I could find an
Alibi outside. Wanna take me out for a milkshake next time?

You needed directions

You were trying to find your way out of the city/county building night of Sept. 7, I helped show you the way. You had beautiful dark eyes, asked me if I was a lawyer (I’m not). I should have asked your name before I let you go up the escalator.

To my favorite

I saw you Saturday late afternoon at the softball fields. Handsome guy with the long curly hair. Jamming to Metallica which caught my attention. Me—Black Volvo. I know you saw me. I am so happy I stopped! XoXo

Hottie in the Ford pickup

Saw your blue rusty Ford truck with the bumper sticker, Separation of Church and Hate. Decided to check you out even though I was driving 70 miles an hour North on I-25. Be still my heart. U, sexy jock girl. Me, pixie cut with aviators in grey Camry.
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