"I Saw You" Leaving The Books On Tape Parking Lot In A Le Sabre

Who Saw? Who Was Seen? Was It You?

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Hey, whatcha got there?

You were the gem with the rad red hair leaving the Books on Tape parking lot in a Le Sabre. I ran into the store and immediatly asked the clerk about you. She said that you cleaned out all of the R.L. Stine and Nancy Drew tapes. I was wondering if you would like to discuss your favorite generic cola brands over a couple martini glasses filled with High Life, then slow dance to Mazzy Star on the loading dock behind Ghetto Smith’s?

Crouching Cougar

We caught each other’s eyes, and other attributes, the minute you walked into the room at HealthSouth. Your raven-black hair, those piercing blue eyes, and your height really got me going. If you were serious in your flirting and playful offer, and IF you see this ad, call me and give me a chance to make you purr after hours. Here cougar, cougar.

Pretty brunette in blue jacket

Near the produce at Nob Hill coop 5/15. I am the clean, fresh, organic guy looking for seeds and distracted by the perfect shade of blue. I want to make you smile, laugh and sigh with joy. My garden is full of flowers, but my heart is empty. We can cook up something amazing together, then dance under the stars.

Fine man in all black

Dear fine man in all black,

U are a native and attend Toni and Guy hair academy. You gave me your card and it said Matt. I thought u were beautiful and I would like to get to know u better. May the sun shine with u. Me: female. You: male.
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