"I Saw You" Looking A Little Sad

Who Saw? Who Was Seen? Was It You?

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I saw you at Presbyterian Hospital

You: beautiful Charge Nurse with Rainbow Bright scrubs. I think of you often and wish things could be different. Let’s get together for a drink and talk. We need to work this out.

Last seen April 2010 on a desk

You never gave me a reason for not talking to me afterwards. Not sure what I did (hope I didn’t knock you up). I had fun while it lasted. Still miss you.

Brandy—Former Smith’s Cashier (2007)

Brandy, you had 5 kids, auburnish long hair tied in a ponytail, black-rimmed glasses and a great personality. Just before Thanksgiving, you were especially friendly to me and asked me to cook something for you. I have asked about you, but no one wanted to give out your last name, which would have made it easier to find you. I’ve never stopped looking. I miss you and wish I had not been as shy as I was. Where are you now???

I saw you in Albertsons on Juan Tabo on Sunday Morning

I saw you in Albertsons on Juan Tabo on Sunday morning in the produce aisle. We exchanged looks. I smiled. You looked again as you were leaving the store. You were thin and pretty with shoulder-length light brown hair. But you looked a little sad : ( I was in the black sweatshirt with the black and grey hair. Was there something? Should I have talked to you? I’ve regretted not saying Hello all day long. And that’s not like me…….
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