"I Saw You" Looking At The Cookies

Who Saw? Who Was Seen? Was It You?

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Tall Beautiful Brunette at Yanni’s

You entered the dining room Tuesday, Oct. 30, about 8 p.m. You were well-dressed and wearing glasses. Was it a business meeting?

As you made your way to your table, we made extended eye contact. I was with a blind date and you were a significant distraction. Then, as you were leaving, you looked my way again and waved.

This encounter has captured my imagination. I am intrigued and interested. Let’s plan a rendezvous to get acquainted.

Hot Professor About Town

… Or at least you look like a professor. I saw you 10/26 at Gecko’s with two of your buddies and then again 10/29 at Ghetto Smith’s. You were looking at the cookies. I’ve also seen you countless times on campus with your briefcase. You’re tall with a serious demeanor. I’m a female with brains and beauty. How about we get a drink sometime? We can discuss our scholarly pursuits.

Long-lost Tractor Guy

Last winter I (adorable Asian girl) was delivering food from Streetfood Asia. I had no idea who it was for so I began chatting with you, Rich (hot cyclist perhaps), and your friend (David?). Since I’ve been of legal beer age I have yet to see you again. Join me at Tractor?

Great Smile Leaving Barnes and Noble Uptown

Handsome man beamed a smile at me at door of book store. I smiled back and said "hi" and walked into the store. I turned around when I got to the counter, to just catch you turning back around after looking at me. Where are you? I keep hoping I will find you in the stacks of books behind a good mystery novel. I think you have a disability, but I don’t mind if you do because your face hasn’t left my mind in three plus weeks. Describe yourself to me and, if it sounds like you, I will respond!
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