"I Saw You” Looking Foxy Sitting Behind The Desk

Who Saw? Who Was Seen? Was It You?

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South Valley CNM Campus

I ravish upon your pure handsomeness. You are the sunshine of my day when I see you in our college survival class. Your name is Nikolas, I see it on our sign-in sheet in class. If you see this ad and talk to me, all of my dreams will have come true.

—Distant admirer

Hey Sunshine

I saw you at Golfernoggins the other day. I thought you looked foxy sitting behind the desk there, even though you said you looked haggard. I hope you’re having a fantastic day. Hopefully you can stalk me some time.

Lovely Brown Eyed Brunette @ Marble Brewing Co.

I know this is a long shot …

It was Friday night (Oct. 21) and we were attending the CD release event for Three String Bale.

You are a lovely woman, and you were in the company of some friends.

I am the guy with the mild rockabilly look. I was dancing intermittently

We shared numerous moments of eye contact, and I really wish I had taken the opportunity to come over and make your acquaintance. You left with your friends and I thought about you the rest of the night. Let’s connect …

Called My Phone For DWI

So you called me like an hour ago saying that you were trying to get ahold of the DWI. That aside, I thought you had a lovely voice, I’d be curious to meet you if you’d be interested. Well you have my number so give me a call if you think ‘ be interested.
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