"I Saw You" On A Sweet White Motorcycle

Who Saw? Who Was Seen? Was It You?

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After-movie Refill

You served me popcorn when I got out of a 6:50pm showing of "Paranorman" at Century Rio 24 on Sept. 28. I didn’t get to ask for your number but I thought you were really cute. I admitted to you that my friends had gone to see it without me and I was seeing it with my Dad. I had orangey hair and painted nails. Anyway I hope I get to see you again and maybe get to talk a little more this time.

Carlos the Motorcycle Guy

You, the curly haired cutie who rocked up Lomas on a sweet white motorcycle. We talked bikes on the street outside Pasión. I said you looked like an artist. You said you are a lawyer. Whatever the case, you are lovely. We should meet again.

Magical Mystery Gal

We briefly talked about The Beatles and Liverpool before you skipped off into the night like The Fool On The Hill. But *I* was the fool for not getting your name and number. I would enjoy hearing more about you and your travels.

Teresa at Uproar

You said you went to UNM. You stood by me during Shine Down. Loved the tat of your daughter’s name on your neck (I do remember it). Your sister joked that she had lost me in the crowd. We laughed that she looked for shade by a guy 2 ft. taller than her. Would love to contact you and maybe go have a cup of coffee.
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