"I Saw You" Preparing Your Taco

Who Saw? Who Was Seen? Was It You?

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Sexy Taco Slanger

You: The stunningly gorgeous little Mexican/Greek chica working the cash register at Cesar’s Mexican and Greek. You had beautiful curly hair and were wearing glasses. Me: The guy with the zia symbol tattoo with green chilies criss-crossing and a sleazy Mexican gangster mustache (grown for march mustache madness). I asked ‘How do you prepare your taco’? And you said, ‘Anyway you like it’ with a mischievous smile. Let’s meet for tacos sometime? I promise my mustache doesn’t tickle that much.

I saw you …

We passed each other outside of Saggio’s on Cornell. You were walking with a friend and I was walking with my daughter. We walked between the two of you and we exchanged glances. Do you remember?

Barley Room "Hatchet" Woman

I hadn’t met someone in many years that really excited my mind and spirit. You are stunning and unforgettable. I’d like another evening of great conversation. You are definitely worth the effort. Use that card and give me a chance.
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