"I Saw You" Sit Across From Us With The Light Beaming Down On Your Heavenliness

Who Saw? Who Was Seen? Was It You?

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Under a Gibbous Moon

We passed each other on our bikes Friday night on Yale just after 1 a.m. Bundled up against the cold, your tiny hello has been echoing in me ever since.

Blonde Boy Angel Sent From Above

My friend and I are already seated on the Lomas bus when all of a sudden an angel sits across from us with the light beaming down on his heavenliness as we sit in awe. We turn to each other and smile wondering, who he is? Who are you, long haired blondie from above?

Sexy Saturday Server at Winning

You: Charming server at Winning with long curly hair.

Me: Captivated bY your irresistible smile.

You made my Americano with lots of room on Saturday. You think there’s enough room in your heart for a girl like me?

You Have a Sweet Smile and a Tattoo on Your Cheek

You looked so interesting and kind. You were behind me in line at the Co-op. It didn’t occur to me to say hello. Wish I’d introduced myself.
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