"I Saw You," The Gorgeous Checker Who Saved My Fingers And Took My Breath Away

Who Saw? Who Was Seen? Was It You?

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Asked 4 Directions @ UNM, "DOES THAT MAKE SENSE?"

Francis, I believed your name was. I pulled up in a white pick-up summer 2009 & asked you for directions to the Zimmerman Library—while driving along Los Lomas. You had a vivacious & dishy smile, you were wearing a backpack, were a brunette with beautiful curly auburn hair, we both wore glasses—"DOES THAT MAKE SENSE?"

You stole something

At the Wendy’s on Montano, you were with my best friend. You took something from me that day: my heart. You have cared for it so well, even through the bumpy times. Now there has been a change and my heart beats faster because of it. You have given my heart new life and have filled me with so much love that I am lost without you. I love you, my Smurf!

At The Grove …

You gave up your table to me when your friend was late. You were very gracious and very pretty in that dress! We exchanged smiles as I headed for my car.

Jessica at Staples

Wednesday, 10/26 3PMish. I was the guy who got the giant boxed up chair and almost lost fingers trying to flip it over. You are the gorgeous checker who saved my fingers and took my breath away. I loved your eyes and smile and would even more love to know more about you. Coffee / tea / lunch / whatever sometime?
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