"I Saw You" Very Tactfully, Diplomatically And Discretely Persuade An Oral Surgeon-In-Training Not To Use Non-Sterile Instruments On Me

Who Saw? Who Was Seen? Was It You?

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To a Brave Dental Surgical Assistant

I saw you very tactfully, diplomatically and discretely persuade an oral surgeon-in-training not to use non-sterile instruments on me. For that, I am grateful beyond words. May G*d, the Universe, what have you, grant you LOTS of brownie points, and your heart’s desire for that and other very good deeds I’m sure you perform!


A very appreciative and healthy patient who hopes to stay that way for long time to come.

I danced with you in Nob Hill, Ms. Mojito from Baltimore

I met you Friday night in Nob Hill. You are a great dancer, fun-going, technical-minded sister from MD. Wish I could have gotten a chance to say goodbye, and hopefully I will see you again.

Are You a Time Traveler?

You: Mysterious, Neil Gaiman-hair, vintage-y motorcycle, white accordian on your back, looking stoic as you made your way east up Lomas on St. Patrick’s Day. We: Ladies in a yellow Bug, wondering if we just spotted a time traveler … or a Time Lord?!? What music do you play? Maybe we can hang out sometime, in a friend capacity. We find you intriguing! Safe travels, my friend …


So Angry. So Buff. Why is it that you always whine? When will we be allowed to have our lemonade stand? How many pictures of your hand have you taken? How many scones have you seriously eaten? Last, but not least, do you hate me even more now?
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