"I Saw You" With A Smile That The Mona Lisa Could Only Wish

Who Saw? Who Was Seen? Was It You?

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Ladies First

We got in line at Satellite at the same time, but I insisted you go first. You have long wavy strawberry blonde hair, and you were shockingly beautiful. I bet you still are. On the way out I held the door, and we were parked right next to one another. Did you feel a spark too?

The Lady with the Lion Tail (Winning Coffee)

It was Sunday (the 12th of May). You were wearing some rock-out Hot Topic type clothes. You had some lion tail attached to your pants.

I was wearing a green shirt. I had glasses and a red beard. After asking what with the tail, you allowed me to sit at your table and chat with you. Before you left, we introduced ourselves. You went inside and I left.

I really liked talking to you. You were really smart. I would like to meet you again and chat some more.

Angel At Starbucks

Where: Starbucks. When: Saturday, May 4. Me: shaved head, reading a book about nuclear weapons. You: gorgeous female, reading the Bible. You introduced yourself and we spoke for a few minutes. You loitered around waiting for me to ask you out. I was hypnotized by you, unable to move or speak. I will be at the same location, same time, next Saturday, eagerly hoping you will be there.

Walks like an Ocelot

Saturday, May 11th, at the Radio Shack on North 4th about 4. You are a petite lady with shorter red/brown hair, khakis and a darker top. I’m tall with gray hair and mustache. You walked through the store on your way out, eyes that covered everywhere, a smile that the Mona Lisa could only wish for and a walk that was very subtle and awakened every male molecule I possess. I lost every mental process watching you leave! Shocked wishes to see thee over a cup which would get cold.
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