"I Saw You" With Black-Rimmed Glasses And A Pretty Smile

Who Saw? Who Was Seen? Was It You?

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Double Vanilla Madness & Scary VHS

I saw you at an interview at work and was smitten immediately. We have shyly begun talking and so far we both love vanilla ice cream, sarcasm and animals. You have told me that there will be a top hat of tricks on our first date, and I can’t wait to see them! We are both terribly awkward, but maybe it’s just me. I want to meet your rat and have you destroy my life with scary movies. Double vanilla ice cream and scary movie Friday night?

Watching Still for You

With your swift soft words, your sweet attention stopped my shallow steps mid-stride. I’ve been singing to myself until years ago when I saw your words. I wondered if it was me at all. l still am waiting, watching for you to come to me …

Where Did You Go Route 66 Girl???

You: Black-rimmed glasses, pretty smile … where did you go? I never got the chance of taking you out!

I hadn’t gone in to gamble for quite some time, but I have been going and I see no one like you! If you read this, please reply. You will be surprised to know who I am.

Me: tall, 30, black hair, Hispanic, missing you!
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