"I Saw You" With Perfect Bobbed Black Hair

Who Saw? Who Was Seen? Was It You?

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Hula Hoop woman at the Shamani Concert

I enjoyed witnessing your strong energy and fearless nature.

I can tell you are your own person; secure in self.

Women like you inspire me.

Whoever gets to be with you is one very lucky person.

Keep going …

San Fran flight to Abq

I kept sneezing; you had a nose ring. We talked for a bit. I thought you were really pretty. When I finally got off the plane, you were gone. I wanted to get your number. It’s a small town, compared to what I’m used to … but you already know that. Just hoping you read this.

I saw you

You: cool goth girl with perfect bobbed black hair and a skeleton hand on your coat.

I: tall and dark wearing a tie.

We rode on the #11 bus around 8am on 11-11. You got off on Girard. I feel like a total goof for not talking to you. My car is fixed now, and since we go the same direction every day maybe we can car pool and get to know each other. I would really like to make you laugh every morning.

—mr. right
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