"I Saw You" With Your Lustrous Platinum Hair, Sparkling Blue Eyes And Flawless Milky Flesh

Who Saw? Who Was Seen? Was It You?

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Mr. SWAT at Occupy

You were a member of the SWAT team at Yale Park the night Occupy was evicted. You were standing on the East side of the park facing Central. I’m guessing you are in the ballpark of 5’7"ish. We caught each other’s eye. We saw each other again at Flying Star on 8th a few days later, again catching each other’s eye. Wishing I would have approached you then. Been thinking about you ever since.

Moonlight Blonde at Furr’s Cafeteria

You: Exquisite Moonlight Blonde, with lustrous platinum hair, sparkling blue eyes, and flawless milky flesh in a pale green tank top. We traded smiles and glances when you first came in, then as we sat and ate lunch, Friday 7/26, noon at Furr’s. You were with a couple and I was with the two lady friends who took me out to lunch. I would very much enjoy the chance to properly meet you, share a meal and good conversation. Let’s see if Kismet means for us to elevate some sparks together.

I Saw You Again …

I saw you again! First, at Old Navy last year and again on August 2nd at the food court in Coronado Mall! Love the tye-dye shorts and your hair is shorter than when I last saw you but you’re still beautiful to my eyes. However, please don’t tell me that the very large man you were with is your husband!!! Wish we could meet … perhaps I will see you again. I hope.

Challenged Individuals Behind the Wheel

I was biking east on Silver while you and your bros overcame me in an SUV. You threw an egg at me. Next time could you fry the egg and wrap it up in a tortilla with beans, cheese and green chile and just hand it to me? Unfortunately this suggestion will probably not reverse any of your shortcomings in life, but at least you won’t be wasting food!
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