"I Saw You" With Your Secret Zombie Eyes

Who Saw? Who Was Seen? Was It You?

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I Found My Soul Mate and True Love

Keri, the clouds parted and the Kingdom of Heaven was opened when I looked upon your sheer and overwhelming beauty. What grace you show, what strength, what remarkable depth of love you exemplify. KLG, you have surpassed all my expectations of beauty and love, and now, I know God’s love, I know Heaven and I know an angel … all because of you. I love you, forevermore, my love! Jeremiah

O’Niell’s Old Bone Grinder and Pub

Saw you, with your secret zombie eyes, grinding bones with back bar baseball bats meant for better drunks than us. Me, twitching bleary-eyed blood-drinking nighttime ghoul, chasing subway tunnels south into Mexico cities. You asked me how often I sail the Rio Grande from head to mouth. Not in a thousand years, I answered, but with you maybe once more… my sweet bone-grinding zombie eyes.

Southwest Flight January 11 to Tucson and Cali

Architecture is hot, you were hotter! I’ve got the land, you have the box, mmmmm yummy combo. Reach out and let’s …
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