"I Saw You" Within My Viewing Range At Some Point In The Recent Past

Who Saw? Who Was Seen? Was It You?

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Dear Earth Person

Your physical form moved within my viewing range at some point in the recent past. Specific features that seem unique to you caught my attention and aroused further interest. At the time, a certain ambivalence caused me to refrain from making direct contact. However, I now request such contact because I see no harm in it. Furthermore, I see no reason why you would feel differently. My hope is that you will come across this message in the near future and respond with warmth. We do not need words.

"Love is never lost…"

C: "Love is never lost. If unrequited, it flows back to soften and purify the heart." (Washington Irving)

Little Crow @ Presbyterian Hospital Senior Presentation

Little Crow: You look so adorable in that presentation you are giving seniors on how they will be covered by Presbyterian’s health plan. When you get to the part about even when they are out of the area, you slap your tiny hands slowly, gently as if you were forming a tortilla for your loved one’s meal, and you look especially adorable. Sigh.

At Whole Foods Bakery Counter, Wyoming & Academy

I complimented you on the Crystal Bottoms buns while we were at the Bakery Counter at Whole Foods, Academy & Wyoming, 7/17. We both shared a laugh and a bit of good conversation before you left. Didn’t see a ring. Care to do it again? Coffee? Tea? Lunch? Dinner? Sheldon
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