I’m Extinct! Just Kidding, No I’m Not!

The Hula Painted Frog Is Rediscovered

Emily Aragon
1 min read
IÕm extinct! Just kidding, no IÕm not!
(Mickey Samuni-Blankhttp://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Israel_painted_frog.JPG)
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The Hula painted frog, a somewhat-silly-looking speckled amphibian, was thought to have died off long ago. This already elusive creature was declared extinct in 1996, about 40 years after its swampy home, Israel’s Hula valley, was drained in the 50s. But in 2011, one female frog was spotted lurking in the muck by a park ranger, and since then, 13 more have been discovered.

These “living fossils” are not the first animals to have been declared extinct and then re-found years later. They join the ranks with the
woolly flying squirrel, the pygmy tarsier, Caspian horses and, of course, the illustrious coelacanth.
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