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Marisa Demarco
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Make new friends, lady.
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Ugh. My life is roach-infested. Though my home is not unreasonably dirty, the buggers have been popping up everywhere. I have a toaster on the counter that we never use. The other day, I stuck a bagel in there, pushed it down, and out comes four or five roaches. It was truly disgusting. I threw out the bagel.

Then today, one of my coworkers tells me it’s not uncommon for someone to pour sugar or creamer into their coffee in the morning and find a roach in the container. Look out everyone. I use similar containers at home and I’m guilty as anyone of leaving them open. I’m going to throw mine away.

I’ve got a serious recurring case of the crawlies today. Sick.

Here’s a site that will tell you all you need to know about the things .

Interesting facts:

They would not survive a nuclear bomb.

They don’t die on their backs in the wild.

They bite, though they would rarely do so while you are moving.

Boric acid is a good, nontoxic way to kill them.

Lobsters and roaches belong the the same phylum, hence "roaches of the sea."

A roach can live a month without its head.
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