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British Paper Says Nm Dems Have The Most Incentive And Opportunity For Voter Fraud

Gwyneth Doland
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A story in this morning's Independent, a British newspaper, focuses on the possibility of voter fraud in New Mexico, especially the southern part of the state ( According to the Independent, “dirty tricks are a matter of opportunity, and in New Mexico it is the Democrats who have more opportunity.” It probably wasn't too hard for the paper to get some New Mexico Republicans to comment on that possibility. From the story:

“It’s a matter of honour for Richardson,” said Al Solis, the Republican Party county chairman in Las Cruces. “He made a promise to deliver the state for Kerry. Can you imagine what will happen if he doesn’t deliver the state? I’m not saying there’s definitely going to be fraud, because I don’t know that. But when one party dominates for so long, some people begin to think they are invincible and above the law.”

Meanwhile, Governor Richardson told the Santa Fe Reporter's Julia Goldberg that he wishes people would stop focusing on potential disaster ( Goldberg interviewed the Guv this week and asked, “The Attorney General’s Office announced they were making preparations in case of some disaster on election day. Is it going it be a horrible mess here?” To which he responded:

“It makes sense to be prepared but I’d like our officials to be more positive. Instead of accenting the potential disasters, we should look at safeguards and having more people helping facilitate voter information, take people to the polls and more public announcements about how to vote, rather than, ’Jeez, this is going to be a disaster so let’s get ready to file lawsuits.' Let’s maximize voter turnout, voter participation, instead of finding ways to assume either side is going to cheat.”

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