Is There A Warrant Out For Your Arrest?

Marisa Demarco
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Is There a Warrant Out for Your Arrest?
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“We’re coming to get you again!!!”

That’s what
Metro Court spokesperson Janet Blair wrote at the top of her news release about Operation Warrant Enforcement, or, appropriately, OWE.

If you haven’t paid your fines, fees and court costs, APD is going to get you. From the release:

“Albuquerque police officers on overtime will fan out over the metropolitan area with bench warrants. They will visit homes and places of business at different times of day to make their arrests, said the judge. The funding for OWE comes from the mandatory $100 automatic warrant fee charged with each bench warrant.”

(One time, I ponied up for a traffic ticket, but it didn’t register for some reason that I’d paid it. I got pulled over, and I went to freaking jail. It took forever for my husband to bail me out because I got picked up at a weird time of night. It was horrible. Don’t go to jail.)

Call 841-8151 to find out about your warrants. I’m doing it as I write this. And if you have to go down there for any reason, don’t forget that you can’t bring anything electronic in there. Not even cell phones.
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