Issue: Sandwiches

Edith P. Giblets
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Issue: Sandwiches
This is a Vietnamese tofu sandwich. I had one once. It was $6 and very good.
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Question 1: How much should sandwiches cost?

Relish just recently closed its Downtown location (though its Menaul one is in fine shape). Opinion? Wonderfully delicious sandwiches with high quality ingredients and creative combinations. Also very expensive, hovering around $10 for a sandwich and side.

So how much should an awesome, take-away sandwich for lunch cost?

Question 2: What’s so hard about making a good vegetarian sandwich?

This was something Relish had(has): excellent non-meat sandwiches that weren’t afterthoughts. Too many restaurants, like a place I checked out today, have exactly one non-meat sandwich that’s called the Veggie and has raw vegetables. What is this? 1950 in Peoria? Meatless sandwiches! Sakes alive!

Anyway, sandwiches are important. To sum up, they should be affordable and the vegetarian ones should be delicious and not random salad bar fixings.

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