It's Friday The 13Th

It's Friday The 13Th

Amy Dalness
1 min read
Or maybe it’s Jason’s fault.
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Oh no! Oh my! Don’t drive your car or get on a plane or sign a business contract or do anything risky! Today is a cursed day … or it’s just another Friday leading up to a much needed weekend. You be the judge.

Being that I’m a nerd, I poked around the net for some more insight into why Friday the 13th freaks people out so much:

National Geographic points to the unlucky day’s roots in ancient history.

• Wikipedia just seems a bit off (maybe someone’s playing a late April Fool’s joke)

Infoplease has some fun quizzes about phobias in relation to the number 13.

• Salon gives some psychological reasons why people go nuts on Friday the 13th, as does

So just stay home and be afraid if you’d like, but after work today, I’m going bowling.
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