It’s Over, Now Pass Me A Beer

Maren Tarro
2 min read
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I was going to send in another video, but I already took my wig off and wiped away the twenty pounds of make-up. The red suit is in a pile on my bathroom floor.

I dropped by Teague’s party and things were pretty slow. They were still stringing lights, and I didn’t see a TV in sight.

So I headed home, slipped into something a little more comfy, and parked myself in front of the telly to watch the results come in.

I’m several beers into this thing and close to tears.

I annoyed people by knocking on their doors and calling them to find out if they would vote for my man, Obama. I deserted my family, stopped sleeping and even wore campaign buttons. And now, it’s over.

Barack Obama is the president-elect. After all the work that so many have done, after all the weekends given up and all the hearts put on the line, it’s over. But I guess it’s really just beginning. I wish I had something poignant to say, but I’m at a loss. Even though I believed in the hope Obama spread, I still wasn’t sure if it could happen. And it has. I’m on the verge of babbling incoherently, so I’ll stop now.

I have nothing else to say except that I hope everyone’s having a drink in celebration. I’m having a beer or four; join me.

I’ll try to say something brilliant tomorrow.
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