Joe The Plumber Reports On The Gaza War

Christie Chisholm
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Joe the Plumber Reports on the Gaza War
Mulling the effect of Israel’s move into Khan Younis (
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No shit. Right-wing Pajamas TV is sending him to Israel to report on the “conflict, Israeli politics, the impact on Israelis, and on media bias.”

Why? Probably because of hundreds of blogs and other media postings like this one. And his appearance on Fox. And his mention on CNN, MSNBC et al. Is he qualified?
This guy from Pajamas Media thinks we’re snooty to even question him, “lahdeedahs” that we are.

So what do you think? Should the “average Joe” be shipped overseas to report on a war? Maybe he should. Maybe it’s brilliant. Or maybe this is just a giant publicity stunt … that’s working.
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