John Mccain: Radios Play The Remix

Simon McCormack
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John McCain: Radios Play the Remix
Sarah Palin (red coat on the left) and John McCain, white hair in the middle, campaign in Pennsylvania. Why are they in Pennsylvania?!
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The New York Times Magazine this Sunday will include this article on Sen. John McCain’s tumultuous campaign. Competing strategies have made it hard to piece together a single, coherent narrative about who John McCain is, and what he would be like as president. The result has been a series of different versions of McCain including the war hero, the stubborn Maverick and the leader who reaches across the aisle. The campaign is much better at attacking Sen. Barack Obama than it is at convincing voters that McCain would make an effective leader of the free world. The clock is ticking, and the polls don’t look so great for the Senator from Arizona.
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