Jose Edgar Chavez Is A Weirdo

Christie Chisholm
1 min read
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Chavez is the 26-year-old security guard running as the Democrat for Bernalillo County Sheriff. He’s a little odd. He ignored the media during his campaign. He never answers his phone. Some people who do answer the phone at his house aren’t sure if he even lives there. Other people who answer say he does live there, but don’t know where he works. Like I said: odd. A few minutes ago, Dick Knipfing on Channel 13 clued us in on Chavez’ DUI. Apparently, he said he got it when he was “young and stupid.” Knipfing clarified, saying Chavez got it a whopping two years ago.

In the election results, Chavez is behind at 37 percent to incumbent Darren White’s 63 percent. How the hell did he get 37 percent? Don’t you people research your candidates? Moral of the story: Voting straight Democrat isn’t always a good thing.
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