Just Call Me “Cookie”

Laura Marrich
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Just Call Me ÒCookieÓ
Also includes an antique side mill, wagon wheel wrench and wagon tongue. I remember having to buy a wagon tongue to get the game started in Oregon Trail.
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So I didn’t come across the affordable eight-seater solid-wood dining table I was looking for on Craigslist. But I did find a $20,000 “chuck wagon" kitchen from the early part of the 20 th century!

“The Wagon comes with all the cooking gear you’ll need for an authentic old rancher and homesteader cooking experience,” says the ad, including ranch standbys like a Dutch oven, cast iron everything, a meat grinder, a sourdough crock and a blue enamel coffee pot (I’m guessing speckled). The wagon itself comes with a bunch of items I can’t quite decipher, like a “Chuck Box,” “boot,” and “dining fly,” as well as a healthy dose of Old West flavor in the form of a 20-gallon Oak water barrel, buck saw and kerosene lantern.

This authentic chuck wagon is
just a short trip to Moriarity, and a home refinance, away.
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