Katamari Do Your Best!

Marisa Demarco
2 min read
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This video about the birth of the little prince, star of my all-time favorite video game ”Katamari Damacy” is epic.

The general plot of the first game: One night, the King of the Universe gets drunk and destroys all the stars. His son, the little prince, has to roll a ball around the world, starting off very small, to build up enough mass to create a new star. You start by rolling up paper clips and thumbtacks. Eventually, you roll up entire continents.

The music was brilliant.

Like the opera in this short movie.

Watch for:

The egg-laying goose.

The nasty half hair, half bread heart that indicates blooming romance.

The hideously judgmental father, who in this case is also the King of the Universe.

I always drink soda and listen to the radio in the park, don’t you?

The torturous but brightly colored incarceration.

The King of the Universe, who exhibits luxury by riding around in regular sports cars

The panda balloon

The honeymoon with parental accompaniment by the King of the Universe.

The King of the Universe’s sad and sudden collapse on the beach

The birth of the new prince, who’s about as big as his mother’s thumb.
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