Kerry Draws 18,000 Supporters To Civic Plaza

Give Or Take 10,000

Gwyneth Doland
1 min read
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Ruben Pulido, New Mexico Communications Director for the John Kerry Campaign, tells us that 18,000 people gathered at Civic Plaza Tuesday night to see John Kerry. This morning's Albuquerque Journal had different numbers. “A police officer at the scene Tuesday estimated the crowd at 7,500 while event organizers put the number at 15,000,” Michael Coleman wrote ( Alibi staff were present at the rally and, while we admit we suck at math (why else would we be writers?), we think the 18,000 figure is inflated—by a few thousand or so.

By the way, our pictures from last night are pretty terrible but the Associated Press got a bunch of nice shots. Click here: [link]

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