Kerry Takes Albuquerque

But Nm Turns Red Anyhow

Kyle Silfer
1 min read
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In case you, like me, were wondering if the general perception of pro-Kerryism in Albuquerque (as measured by lawn signs, bumper stickers, and other environmental ambience) was correct–well, it was. According to the Albuquerque Tribune (, the final (still unofficial) vote tallies for Bernalillo County are:

John Kerry: 132,404

George W. Bush: 121,610

Ralph Nader: 1,462

… with Kerry ahead by over 10,000 votes, if ya can’t do the arithmetic. Statewide, the picture changes:

John Kerry: 370,457

George W. Bush: 376,577

Ralph Nader: 4,059

… to a 6,000-plus Bush lead, which is of course in line with Greg Palast’s rural spoilage theory ( The State Canvassing Board certifies statewide election results on Nov. 23.

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