Kill Your Television!

Jeremy McCollum
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Kill your television!
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Two weeks ago my lady and I bought our first flat panel LCD TV. We spent hours on the internet trying to decide the best brand and model to buy before we headed out to the local Best Buy to make our purhase. Once we got to the store, we realized that we still had a tough decision to make with hundreds of TVs to choose from on display… all with diffrent specs like contrast ratios, response times, screen resolutions… a bunch of crap that you have to be a real techno-geek to keep up-to-date with. We also learned that we needed the new HDMI cables to get the true hi-def picture. (The cables cost $75+ at Best Buy! But that’s another story) We bought them online for $5 at The sales guy at Best Buy was really nice and helpful and told us that if we weren’t satisified with the TV within 30 days we could return it for a full refund.

In the two weeks following our purchase, the TV sat in our living room floor, unopened in the box due to lack of time in our busy schedules to set the thing up. Also, we had realized that we would have to upgrade to
HDTV in order to get a good picture on our new TV.

Last night we decided to return the stupid TV and spend a week on the beach in Mexico this summer instead. Besides, as soon as you buy something these days, they come out with the next best thing the next week, like
laser TVs, which should start appearing in stores soon.

Best Buy was true to their word and returned all $1500 and change no questions asked!
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