John Bee
1 min read
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Knytt is a sweet little 2D platformer from independent Swedish developer, Nifflas. In the opening moments of the game, the catlike Knytt is whisked away from its homeworld by a UFO. Soon after, the spaceship is damaged by a metor and crash-lands on a mysterious planet. It quickly becomes apparent that Knytt must gather the scattered bits of the ship in order to return home. The planet is pretty sparsely populated, and while this is most likely due to the rigors of indie game development, it imbues the world with a great sense of silence and almost melancholy. For all its simplicity, Knytt’s environments are nicely varied, and to find all the pieces, you’ll need to reach the cloud layer (rectangular clouds you can stand on, but still…), descend into the blackest caves, and poke around everywhere in between.
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