Krazy Kat Raided

Riaa And State Attorney General’s Office Suspect Piracy

Jessica Cassyle Carr
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Krazy Kat Raided
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Krazy Kat Records was raided today by the Attorney General’s office and investigators from the Recording Industry Association of America ( RIAA), under suspicion of illegally duplicating discs. The raid yielded 7,400 copied CDs, according to the AG’s office. Every seven CDs can count as a fourth-degree felony. Stay tuned, we’ll have more on this to come. If you’d like to read the entire press release, it’s pasted after the jump.

“Special Agents and forensics personnel from New Mexico Attorney General Gary King’s Office today executed a search warrant at Krazy Kat Music in Albuquerque in connection with an investigation into illegally reproduced compact discs. Investigators from the Recording Industry Association of America (
RIAA) were also present during the raid and worked with the AG’s office prior to today’s action. RAII [sic] investigators say they handle nearly four thousand cases a year of suspected illegal CD duplication that costs the music industry more than $350 million annually in this country. RAII [sic] investigators say Krazy Kat Music had been warned in the past to cease and desist reproducing CDs.

“Special Agents from the Investigations Division of the AGO confiscated suspected illegally reproduced CDs, computers and other evidence at the scene.

“It is illegal under New Mexico law to manufacture and sell copies of lawfully produced audio and visual recordings. Selling more than seven "pirate" CD copies is a 4th degree felony.

“The Attorney General’s Office wants potential CD pirates to know that it is a crime that will be prosecuted. If anyone has information about or wants to report music piracy they are urged to call the RIAA toll-free at 1-800-BAD BEAT (223-2328).”
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