Christie Chisholm
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Oh yeah, and phenomenal beatbox artist Zach Freeman will be there, too. Don’t miss it.
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You’ve had your pumpkin pie and roast turkey. You’ve hung ornaments on the tree and lit the menorah. You’ve eaten enough cookies to kill a horse. But you still have a little holiday spirit left … enough to celebrate Kwanzaa tonight at The Sawmill Lofts.

The Lofts are hosting a night of storytelling, music and food from 7 to 9 p.m. It’s a great event, but we found out about it too late to put it in our calendars. If you want to join the fun, bring $5 or a potluck dish. The Lofts are located at 1801 Bellamah NW (just east of Hotel Albuquerque, formerly Old Town Sheraton). If you want to guarantee a seat, call 242-0834 to make reservations.
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