Larry Ahrens Talks Out Of His Arse

Tim Mcgivern

1 min read
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This morning, KOB-770's drive-time desk jockey Larry Ahrens announced that Brett Favre was campaigning for George W. Bush in Wisconsin, although he didn't mention his source. Ahrens was trying to suck-up to local Republicans who might have been stupid enough to think that Green Bay's defeat of the Washington Redskins on Sunday could actually predict a Kerry victory. Although Ahrens offered a disclaimer, saying he heard this news on the Internet and it my not be “gospel,” he still said it without even naming the Internet source. I looked up and saw Bush’s schedule today and there is no mention of Favre anywhere. In fact, there is no mention of Favre supporting Bush anywhere on the Internet that I could find. So why didn’t Ahrens cite his source on the air? As in, according to … or some such. Any self-respecting journalist knows that you have no credibility if you report rumors, and at the very least you should name your source. So Larry, was your reliable source actually your own imagination? (Ahrens did not respond to my email this morning.)

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