Marisa Demarco
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A lot of the stuff the state Legislature passed in 2009 went into effect yesterday.

What changed?

There’s no more
death penalty.

Employers have to give people experiencing
domestic abuse time off to visit lawyers, etc.

Cyber stalking is now considered stalking.

Below is a full list of laws that went into effect July 1. Each is linked so you can parse the measures yourself.

HB 12 Alternative Vehicle Registrations

HB 31 Motor Vehicle Theft and Embezzlement

HB 59 Veterans Museum Act

HB 156 PERA Notices to Members

HB 181 Uniform Legislation Commission Membership

HB 188 Educator Licensure Fund Purposes

HB 197 Regional Education Cooperative Programs

HB 199 School District and Training Center

HB 208 Proof of Aggravating Circumstances Standards

HB 227 Increase Airport Facilities Funding Limits

HB 257 Tax Administration Confidentiality

HB 261 Estimated Future Property Tax Information to Buyers

HB 263 Increase Civil Case Court Automation Fee

HB 279 ID Theft Reports and Prosecutions

HB 285 Abolish Death Penalty

HB 286 Certain Board and Commission Sunset Dates

HB 288 Sandoval Flood Control Authority Debt

HB 295 New Mexico-Sonora Commission Act

HB 330 Uniform Athlete Agents Act

HB 370 Psychologist Licensure and Background Check

HB 413 Naprapath Licensure

HB 454 Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act

HB 572 Solar Energy Improvement Special Assessments

HB 583 Small Precinct Absentee Voting

HB 603 Public Facility Cumulative Cost Savings

HB 622 Green Jobs Bonding Act

HB 664 Unlicensed Health Care Practice Act

HB 683 Retired Public Employee Returning as Sheriff

HB 690 Foreign-Country Money Judgments Recognition

HB 763 Gaming Machine Payout Liens

HB 766 Higher Education Endowment Fund Distribution

HB 792 Uniform Unsworn Foreign Declarations Act

HB 854 PERA Member and State Contribution Changes

SB 11 Uniform Revised Limited Partnership Changes

SB 26 Motor Vehicle Theft & Embezzlement

SB 33 Public Work Project Prevailing Wage

SB 68 Domestic Abuse Victim Financial Independence

SB 76 Workers Comp Settlement Agreement

SB 89 Local Gross Receipts Tax Changes

SB 142 Victim of Sex Offense Age Increase

SB 166 Revise Crime of Stalking

SB 185 Pet License Plate Fees to Animal Care Fund

SB 213 Weight Distance Tax Underreporting Penalties

SB 219 Cigarette Tax Act Changes

SB 220 Capitol Buildings Planning Commission Duties

SB 228 Bingo and Raffle Act Changes

SB 230 Commercial Driver’s License Penalties

SB 239 Eliminate Magistrate Circuit Courts

SB 248 Children’s Code Revisions

SB 275 Interlocks and DWI License Reinstatement

SB 316 Sandoval Flood Control Authority Debt

SB 356 Annual Controlled Substance Registration

SB 584 Public Project Revolving Fund Projects

SB 680 Procurement for Crime Victim Grant Contracts.

SB 669 Disabled Veteran Game and Fish Benefits
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