Lif Swims Deep In The Political Sea

Marisa Demarco
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Lif Swims Deep in the Political Sea
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Hip-hop’s never been shy about talking politics. Bostonian mega mouth Mr. Lif dives even further into the blue with a hyper time-sensitive distribution plan for his next album.

He’ll be recording and posting one or two new tracks every three weeks until Election Day. His first single “I Heard it Today” will drop Sept. 9. Then be on the lookout Sept. 23, Oct. 14 and Nov. 4. The full album will be ready Jan. 20, which is Inauguration Day.

“With a new administration on the horizon, many of us are hoping things will change for the better,” he says in a news release. “We are all hoping our voices will be heard and our concerns met with solutions. This project allows me to voice and magnify the all too often ignored opinions of the American people. My research has led me to speak with so many citizens nationwide … ”

His approach to politics is leagues from
El-P’s, who is Lif’s label boss and the producer of his last album Mo’ Mega . will stream the tracks the day before they’re released. After that, you can buy them through most normal digital distro channels.

Take in Mr. Lif’s Presidential Reports

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