Like Swine

Steven Robert Allen
1 min read
Take a shower, pig!
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A couple weeks ago, someone in the office dropped a list on my desk of the top 100 sweatiest cities in America (”Brought to you by the sweat experts at Old Spice”). I keep forgetting to share it with you. It’s deadly humid outside right now—at least by high desert standards—so you might be feeling even stickier than usual. This list should make you feel better. Albuquerque only ranks #49—not very sweaty at all! This is especially shocking since Phoenix ranks #1 and Tucson ranks #3. What gives? I can understand Houston being at #9 and New Orleans at #12, but some of the other results seem suspect. At least San Francisco ranks #100, which makes sense to this Bay Area boy. Really, people aren’t all that sweaty in San Francisco, in my experience. View the entire list here.
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