Liquid Crack

Didn’t Coka-Cola Already Try This?

Amy Dalness
1 min read
Drink it up.
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The topic of energy drinks came up during our editorial meeting yesterday and food editor Laura Marrich let me in on an interesting bit of foodie info. The latest in energy drink is called Cocaine. Now, there are no real narcotics in this refreshment, unlike Coka-cola of yesteryear, but caffeine and sugar in high enough doses can cause hyperactivity and general psychosis in some people I know. It is, indeed, liquid crack. That’s what we used to call Mountain Dew in high school because of its high caffeine content. It helped us to stay up all night to play Starcraft. Bleck, I still hate the Dew.

Another bit of interesting information came up about Red Bull and one of its ingredients, taurine. I think we joked about it being "bull bile." At the very least, it gives a hint as to how the product acquired its bully name.
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