Literate Folk Gorge, Beats À L’orange, Sicksicksick Ol’ Double-Header And Rap And Rockabilly Roundup

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Literate folk gorge, beats ˆ lÕorange, Sicksicksick olÕ double-header and rap and rockabilly roundup
Samantha Crain (Keisha Register)
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This week’s Music to Your Ears is an online exclusive. We even futzed around with the column layout and experimented with selectively embedding A/V elements. Please check it out, and let us know what you think.

And now, whether you’re craving modern alt.folk, house, experimental, noise, rap or rockabilly, there’s (at least) one show happening this week that will suit your fancy. Singer/songwriter Samantha Crain visits Santa Fe—the city for which her most popular tune is named—on Friday. The 21-and-over concert court-and-sparks at 9 p.m. at Santa Fe Sol (37 Fire Place). Check out the video for Crain’s hit track below.
Santa Fe Sol • Samantha Crain • Friday May 31 • 9 pm • $12 • 21+ •

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