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A Giant Nerd Party

Luke Nihlen
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Live from GDC
Luke all wide-eyed at GDC.
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You’d figure that by now they’d have the whole fog situation worked out with traveling by air to San Francisco. Such was not the case, however, and I and my coworker Curtis Bennett were sitting in LAX waiting for a fog-delayed flight, and then sitting again in the San Francisco airport waiting for our misdirected luggage.

Waiting anxiously, I should add, for the
International Game Developers Association(IGDA) annual party at the Game Developers Conference. It had started two hours ago. Curtis and I represent a nontrivial fraction of the New Mexico chapter, so we really wanted to get down there.

Albuquerque just got a branch of the IGDA last year, with Eric Whitmore as president, and my boss Glyn Anderson at
Abalone Studios has sponsored all of his employees as members. I am familiar with IGDA gatherings that can fit very comfortably inside a Downtown Albuquerque bar and so was stoked to attend the huge gala event. Rumor has it last year the line for entry in to the party stretched around the hotel city block.

I’ve been an Albuquerque resident almost continually since my birth in the late ’70s, and a video game fanatic since the mid-80s, but up until very recently those two statements didn’t lend each other very much support. Pretty much the only employment in town for computer programmers like myself has been defense related. The nascent video game production scene in my hometown is the early fulfillment of one of my dearest wishes.

And now I am joining some of the other NM video game people at the biggest convention for video game makers in the US, the Game Developers Conference. I’m not saying this is the first time New Mexican video gamemakers have gone to GDC, but it’s the first time for
this New Mexican. Over the next few days I’ll be blogging GDC for the Alibi . Drop by. I’ll tell you all about the indie gamemakers’ shindig in my next blog and how I was drunkenly asked to move to Shanghai within 30 minutes of being there.

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