Lobo Football Is On The Rise ...

The Other Kind Of Football, That Is

Michael Sanchez
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Lobo football is on the rise ...
Kyle Venter of the Lobo men’s soccer team
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When news broke that Mike Locksley had been asked to vacate his head coaching position, the Albuquerque populace tried to react. But after more than two years, exactly two wins, and countless affairs off the field that brought things to a head, there’s not much left to say about the beleagured ex-coach of the men’s football team.

The better place to focus is on the sport of “football” that the rest of the world is interested in. On Monday, almost simultaneous to the Locksley story, news broke that the Lobo men’s soccer team had broke
into the Top 10 of the nation. As previously noted, the men’s soccer team has not yet lost this season. They played the reigning national champions to a standstill in double overtime.

The men’s soccer team is a proud follow-up to a recent dynasty at UNM. Although our
previous teams never won it all, they gave fans plenty to cheer about, and they packed the stands. In 2005, the Lobos lost to Maryland in the national championship game. It was a one-point game, and fans went bonkers for the matches on the road to that loss.

Now it’s getting to the point where people are counting on more thrills from Lobo soccer.
The men’s team, meanwhile, isn’t backing down from those expectations. As a proud follow-up to a great—albeit recent—tradition, the men’s team neither shies away from the spotlight, nor embarrasses those of us who root for the team with any antics.

The next opportunity to support the men’s soccer team at home is on Friday, Oct. 14, when they host
Denver. The game will start at 7 PM.
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