Lobo Soccer Continues To Impress

Men Still Wear Target

Michael Sanchez
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Lobo soccer continues to impress
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Both the men’s soccer program and the women’s team continue to dominate their respective fields, with each capturing important wins last weekend.

The women clinched the Mountain West Conference championship in the finals with a pair of goals that mirrored each other in time. Scoring nineteen seconds into the game, Natalie Jenks put away the
quickest game-winner in MWC tournament history. The game ended with the Lobos on top 2-0 and they secured an automatic bid to the NCAA Tournament. They will begin play at UCLA on Saturday, Nov. 12. The Lady Lobos are playing in only their second NCAA Tournament and hope to surpass last year’s first-round exit.

On the other hand, with its
No. 1 ranking secure, and an unbeaten streak that is the talk of the town, the men’s team has higher expectations foisted upon it. The men also performed admirably over the weekend, shutting out UNLV in an ugly game that saw two ejections from the opposing side in the second half. No doubt frustrated by the score, the Lobos’ ability and the fact that they’d already been eliminated from the post-season, UNLV turned what had been a pretty even affair in the first half into a slogged-down, foul-filled game in the last half.

Both teams, obviously, will be cheered for, but there’s no denying that, between the rankings, the press and past history, the men’s team will be waiting with bated breath on
Monday, Nov. 14, when the men’s NCAA Tournament bracket is revealed. Because of the aforementioned circumstances, the clear hope—and expectation—is for a healthy slate of home field advantage for the early rounds of the tournament. But no matter where they play, the Lobos are sure to have a target on their backs.
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